Bella Vista Handmade Decorative Tile

handcrafted decorative high end tile
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handmade porcelain tile

Bella Vista Tile

Bella Vista Tile is high end decorative tile designed and handmade by Lisa & James TeviaClark in the mountains of western North Carolina. Each tile is created, using old world techniques which produce exquisite bas-relief decorative tile, including insets and coordinating borders, liners and murals.

Bella Vista Tile is a vitrified high-fired porcelain tile; well suited for interior and exterior installations: kitchens, baths, fireplaces, stair-risers, patios, fountains or pools. The intricate detail of their carved imagery has a romantic, lyrical feeling, which is enhanced by the multi-hued jewel-like tones of their use of unique wood-ash glazes. This year Bella Vista Tile is introducing their new metallic glazes, an expanded palette of glaze colors, and a collection of new tile designs.

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